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Human Interleukin 2, IL-2 ELISA Kit

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Artikelnummer: E0094Hu



Target Protein: Interleukin 2, IL2

Size: 48T, 96T

Assay Type: Sandwich

One-Step: -

Sensitivity: 2.51ng/L

Detection range: 5-2000ng/L

Sample type: Serum, plasma, cell culture supernates

Reactive with: Human

Storage: 2 - 8°C

Assay Time: 1:30 h

Detailed Information:

Produced by T-cells in response to antigenic or mitogenic stimulation, this protein is required for T-cell proliferation and other activities crucial to regulation of the immune response. Can stimulate B-cells, monocytes, lymphokine-activated killer cells, natural killer cells, and glioma cells.

IL2 Information:

UniProt Accession: P60568

Synonyms: Aldesleukin;IL 2;IL2;IL-2;Interleukin-2;T-cell growth factor;TCGF


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