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Human Toll-like Receptor 5, TLR5 ELISA Kit

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Artikelnummer: E0374Hu



Target Protein: Toll-Like Receptor 5, TLR5

Size: 48T, 96T

Assay Type: Sandwich

One-Step: -

Sensitivity: 0.05ng/ml

Detection range: 0.1-40ng/ml

Sample type: Serum, plasma, cell culture supernates

Reactive with: Human

Storage: 2 - 8°C

Assay Time: 1:30 h

Detailed Information:

Pattern recognition receptor (PRR) located on the cell surface that participates in the activation of innate immunity and inflammatory response (PubMed: 11323673, PubMed: 18490781). Recognizes small molecular motifs named pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMPs) expressed by pathogens and microbe-associated molecular patterns (MAMPs) usually expressed by resident microbiota (PubMed: 29934223). Upon ligand binding such as bacterial flagellins, recruits intracellular adapter proteins MYD88 and TRIF leading to NF-kappa-B activation, cytokine secretion and induction of the inflammatory response (PubMed: 20855887, PubMed: 11489966). Plays thereby an important role in the relationship between the intestinal epithelium and enteric microbes and contributes to the gut microbiota composition throughout life (By similarity).

TLR5 Information:

UniProt Accession: O60602

Synonyms: TLR 5;TLR5;Toll/interleukin-1 receptor-like protein 3;Toll-like receptor 5


  • Urine soluble TLR4 levels may contribute to predict urinary tract infection in children: the UTILISE Study Journal: Pediatr Nephrol. 2023 Jul 18.

Supplier: BT-Labs